Speed and stability works quite effectively in various situations.
It has been developed for industrial drone of TKK (Tokyo Kouku Keiki) group.
It’s an RF control system.
  • POINT1

    Selectable radio system.

    With its wide range of selection from Propo of other company to TKK Works 169 MHz/1W and 2.4 GHz/1W, it is possible to select radio according to intended use such as contact flight and long distance flight.
    Overwhelming wireless capabilities
  • POINT2

    Simple operability.

    Either ordinary stick type or joystick type is available. You can choose it in favor of your controlling style.
    Available to select operability
  • POINT3

    Radio control device (Proportional) & Telemetry radio.

    Radio control device (Proportional) & Telemetry radio


Number of proportional channels 14ch
Frequency band 2.4GHz
Modulation method DSSS+FH
Technical application type 2.4GHz band low power data transmission system
Transmission speed Up link : 1Mbps   
Down link : 1Mbps
Signal distance 1km ※View distance
Power supply Remote controller: Lithium-ion battery (2 cell 7.2 V) Aircraft-side radio:5V
Size (W)240 x (D)227 x (H)63.2mm Aircraft-side radio: