The whole UAV information is integrated.
Application software exclusively for Windows.
Information of UAV position and flight route as well as airframe status is displayed all at once in a recognizable way.
Flight monitoring without stress is available.
  • POINT1

    Excellent visibility

    Information of position, flight route and airframe status of UAV is displayed at once with an application software dedicated for Windows. In addition, state of airframe is precisely recognized faster with an interface which has been adopted for actual aircrafts.
    Overwhelming visibility
  • POINT2

    Batch management of multiple aircraft

    Due to its capability to simultaneously manage up to 32 aircrafts registered in advance, it has become possible to cope with complicated operation work in a smarter manner.
    Batch management of multiple aircraft
  • POINT3

    Selecting a map for your application.

    You have the option to choose from a wide variety of maps depending on your needs. We also offer offline maps that can be used when the Internet connection is not available.
    Selecting a map for your application.