We have wide variety of options tailored to specific needs of customers.
Why not try customization of the body with more sophisticated functions by
free and flexible combination of components!

  • Camera & gimbal

  • Drop unit

  • Lower attachment of battery
  • POINT1

    All products are domestically produced original.

    Equipped with “GNAS SKY CORE”, our original flight control program developed by mobilizing all available in-house resources. All products from airframe to flight control, communication and flight support systems are based on domestic integrated manufacturing!
  • POINT2

    Programmed automatic flight.

    Programmed automatic flight is available by GNAS SKY CORE flight program. Flight just as you imagined is achieved by diverse settings.
  • POINT3

    Wide variety of options.

    Achieved for more than 30 minutes of flight with a load capacity of 3 kg even by electrically-powered type. Capable of loading 6 kg of weight with an optional 29-inch propeller! In addition to high-performance digital and infrared cameras, it is capable of mounting payloads such as daily necessaries and medical products in accordance with their usage.
  • POINT4

    Flexible response to payloads.

    Even with its electrically-powered system, it has achieved for more than 30 minutes of flight with a load of 3 kg. Long hours of flight is also available while loading heavy instruments.
    In addition, Mounting Point of Payload and Power Signal Connector are included as standard. It makes it easier for you to design makeup of loading articles according to your own usage.
    Flexible response to payloads
  • POINT5

    Secured obstacle detection capability.

    Unexpected obstacle is automatically detected by an obstacle sensor mounted on the front part. Achieve stable flight while reducing collision damage during automatic flight.
    Secured obstacle detection capability
  • POINT6

    Pilot assisting function.

    Based on information of a ground altitude sensor mounted on the body, it improves safety of flight by supporting the pilot in various situations.
     ・Speed control at a low altitude
     ・Minimum altitude holding function*
     *This function can be kept OFF.
    Pilot assisting function

GNAS SKY Multi-Purpose Drone Fixed Pitch Model

Item 3kg payloads 6kg payloads Note
Airframe Aircraft Type Quad Multicopter Type Fixed pitch mechanism is used for thrust control.
Diagonal Length 1800mm(760mm) 1800mm(760mm) Including propeller length(Ready for flight)
Depth 1500mm(760mm) The figure in the()shows the length between the axes.
Depth/Folded state 760mm
Width 1500mm (760mm) The figure in the()shows the length between the axes.
Width/Folded state 570mm
Hight 600mm
Rotor Diameter 716mm 742mm
Weight Aircraft Weight Less than 6.7kg Without Battery
Battery Weight Less than 3.8kg Less than 4.3kg
Battery capacity Standard battery 30,000mAh/22.2V 16,000mAh/44.4V
Motion Sensor CSM-MG200 Fully developed in-house (domestically produced)
Flight Controller GNAS SKY TYPE-S Series Fully developed in-house (domestically produced)
Radio Control Module
2.4GHz 300 m (line-of-sight distance)
Transmitter of FUTABA
169MHz(1W) More than 5km Line of sight distance Radio License Required
Telemetry Radio Module
2.4GHz Max 500m Line of sight distance
2.4GHz(1W) More than 5km Line of sight distance
Radio License Required
Operating Temperature 0℃~+50℃
Humidity Less than 98% without condensation
Water-proof performance IPx4
Item 3kg payloads 6kg payloads Note
Flight Performance Max Cruise Speed 54km/h(15m/s)
Max Lifting Speed 5m/s
Max Dropping Speed 2m/s
Wind Resistance 15m/s Flight performance at around 2 m/s is retained at the time of its maximum takeoff weight.
Hovering position
Horizontal position:Less than ±1m Windless conditions,
GNSS reception status
Vertical position:Less than ±1m Windless conditions,
GNSS reception status
Maximum takeoff weight Maximum takeoff weight 14kg 17kg
Flight time
Non-Payload Operaton Max. 40min. Max. 40min.
Payload Operaton 30min. 20min.
Fight function
Flight mode
(3-mode selection switching)
Angular velocity control mode A flight mode to maintain tilt of the airframe (not to restore level state)
Attitude control mode A flight mode to maintain only level state of the airfame
GNSS assist mode A flight mode to keep level position
Flight state selection
Available to select Altitude control Altitude control OFF/Ground altitude maintenance/GNSS altitude maintenance Operable during attitude controlling and GNSS-assisted controlling.
Auto pilot Automated flight is carried out. Available only during GNSS-assisted mode.
RTH Automatically return to home position. Available only during GNSS-assisted mode.