Industrial UAV solution
created by specialists of the skies.

GNAS SKY UAV Solution is an industrial UAV solution developed through strong efforts by our group.
From the aircraft to the flight control system, remote controller and even the ground station,
our group consistently develops all aspects.
With the installation of the flight control algorithm "GNAS SKY CORE",
excellent stability and high reliability have been achieved.
The installation of a diverse set of additional functions has created a highly reliable system.
As a leading company for industrial UAVs that can be utilised in many fields,
we offer optimal UAV solutions that match your business.


UAV Total Solution
  • We will provide not only the most suitable aircraft and FCS to match your application, but also the remote controller for flight and a ground station for observation, creating a one-stop solution for all necessary systems.
  • We will also create an exclusive UAV for you.
UAV Basic System
  • After you select an aircraft from our lineup, we will prepare it in combination with the FCS basic configuration (FCS Core).
  • You can use the remote controller and ground station you have on hand.
Flight Control System(FCS)
  • We will provide a dedicated FCS for optimum control of your aircraft.
  • Because our FCS is compatible with a wide range of aircraft bodies, your aircraft can be flown right away.
  • Even if your aircraft requires special controls, we can develop a control algorithm exclusively for that aircraft.
  • If you have trouble making flight adjustments on your own, you can rest assured that we will support you.
Remote Controller
  • This is our company’s original remote controller.
  • Transmission on a 2.4 GHz frequency (10mW) with a line of sight of over 1km is possible.
  • High-output type radio equipment can also be prepared.
Ground Station
  • This is our company’s original ground station.
  • It is possible to manage the automatic navigation of multiple aircraft and monitor aircraft status.
  • When combined with a dedicated remote controller, commands such as for waypoints can be transmitted using the controller’s wireless radio function.
IMU(Motion Sensor)
  • For customers who currently possess both the aircraft and FCS but are suffering from poor IMU performance, we propose the "GNAS Motion Sensor" which our FCS has also adopted.
    Please check our web page for details about the GNAS Motion sensor.
UAV Airframe/Stracture



A helicopter-type business-use UAV resilient against
wind and with excellent stability.
With great speed performance, it is possible
to transport goods quickly and safely
in the event of a disaster or emergency.

  • High wind resistance
    Materials can be transported stably even at wind speeds
    of 10m/s or more.
  • High-speed transportation
    Transportation at a maximum of 100km/h



The rotor angle can be changed without changing the number of rotations, resulting in excellent stability. This industrial UAV can be used in all situations.

  • Widely adaptable
    Suitable for a wide range of fields including aerial shooting, inspections, and monitoring.
  • Excellent stability
    Stable flight even at wind speeds of 10m/s or more.

Flight Control System


Equipped with advanced aircraft controls and automatic flight technology configured from the motion sensors,
flight controller, etc.

Flight Controller


Remote controller
  • Tray type remote controller that can be easily operated even on a desk
  • 14 channels installed
  • System for preventing signal mix-up between aircraft maneuvering signals and telemetry signals
  • Wireless transmission distance of over 1 km (2.4 GHz ISM band, 10 mW)
  • Highly Reliable Communication Protocol
  • High power 2.4 GHz (1 W) radio can be installed


  • Display UAV location data and flight route information.
  • Display aircraft status graphically.
  • Simultaneous monitoring and waypoint control of several aircraft possible.
  • Windows-specific application software